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The most unfit companies are winning

While Boris Johnson was busy using Downing Street as a nightclub, around 150,000 people died with Covid…

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How do we live and work alongside Covid?

On the eve of the Australian Open, nine-times winner, Novak Djokovic, is sitting in a Melbourne immigration hotel as the world…

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Christmas party etiquette: 2021

Christmas is the time of year when amateurs are often forced to party like professionals. It’s not their fault, but the…

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Should we worry about artificial intelligence or stupidity?

In 1997, Garry Kasparov was beaten for the second time by IBM’s Deep Blue, and ever since, the writing has been…

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Bye-bye Boomers

In the UK, Adam Boulton, Sky New’s editor at large, has left his job. He didn’t seem too happy…

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1.5 to stay alive

Last August I wrote an article about coronavirus, under the heading R, for Project Reset. In it, I suggested…

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Skills. Who needs them?

In the UK, we currently have 270k more people employed than ever. There are also a record 1.1 million job vacancies.

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Covid; petrol, polls and angry youth

‘Plant a tree in ‘73, or there’ll be no more in ‘74.’ I vaguely remember this slogan from my childhood and now, as…

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The tipping point

If there’s one thing we know about climate breakdown, it’s that it will not be linear, smooth or gradual. Just as…

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Geronimo: The Musical

What is an R rate? I can’t remember. Do you have to wear a mask? Read More

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