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Y & Z: Year Zero

2020 was like being punched hard in the mouth, finding yourself sitting on your arse in the corner of the ring…

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As Trump tweets through his stages of grief, we arrive at X in our overview of coronavirus, always problematic…

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W: Is for acronyms

As someone’s carer prepares to become the world’s most powerful person, and the UK staggers like an arthritic drunk into its…

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V: For Victory

 As the rainbows fade and peel off the windows, we come to the letter V in our Alphabetti Spaghetti of the…

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U: Unemployment and Under Siege

The word unprecedented is banned. So, U is for U-Turn. That is what I was going to…

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T:  Is for Test and trace

The UK government said their track and trace system would be world-beating. In fact, most pubs have a better one.

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S: Is for Science, scrutiny and snooping

We are living in a state of semi-controlled anarchy and it is only our parents, or the memory of them, that…

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R: Is for Reset

Sender: World Health Organisation To: All World Leaders Subject: Project RESET Date: 01/01/2020 Read More

Q: Is for Questioning and quarantine 

Questions are what you ask. Questioning is what you do. It is hard to keep questioning for…

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P: Pubs

The opening of pubs in the UK marks the end of lockdown. We are, at last, free to do…

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