Would you employ an 86-year-old?

A few weeks ago, 81-year-old Joe Biden, held a press conference where he insisted that his memory was absolutely fine. He did it because of the publication of a justice department report that cleared him of criminal charges over his handling of classified materials, which he had absent-mindedly stored in his garage. Special counsel, Robert […]

Sport as a Metaphor for Life

Last weekend England beat India at cricket in the first of a best-of-five test match series and Jannik Sinner, of Italy, came back from two sets to love down to defeat Danil Medvedev, of Russia, at tennis, in five sets in the final of the Australian Open. It was a fantastic weekend of sport. But […]

Be a good boss; Resign

Setting up your own business is hard work. Everyone knows that and they’ll additionally say you need to work all hours to keep things ticking along. But they couldn’t be more wrong. It is clearly important to do all you can to make a business succeed, but it might be crucial to not burn out […]

Mental health is corporate business

Owen Farrell is a hard man. As hard as granite, and he’s the England rugby captain. But he has decided to hand back his captaincy of his national team in order to protect his mental health. Speaking of the pressures of playing for your country, he said: “You are dealing with people, with human beings.” […]

Unlocking Success: Some Business Parallels of South Africa’s Rugby World Cup Victory

Congratulations to South Africa for their Rugby World Cup victory on the weekend! Much has been made of their brutal physicality, their suffocating blitz defence and set-piece dominance. But it seems to me their perennial ace card is their strength in depth, the quality of their ‘bench warriors’ or ‘pine riders’ or in specific reference […]

What the Barbie movie tells us about gender disparity

Barbie has taken the world by storm, breaking box office records in its release weekend for a female director. The movie, with its witty and humorous moments, has sparked important discussions about gender disparities, both in society and the workplace. In this article, we will explore some of the significant themes depicted in the newly […]

It’s a busy time for old billionaires

‘Old man in hat sits on chair’ is one way to describe King Charles’ coronation, but it also represents a man landing his dream job at the ripe-old age of 74, after the world’s longest apprenticeship. Old people are having a bit of a moment currently. Formula One’s, Bernie Ecclestone, 92, is currently on conditional […]

Big international problems: No 1, Brexit

During my lifetime there have been some political situations that have seemed to be intractable. There is Palestine and Israel, which never seems anywhere near a solution. Closer to home is the Irish situation, which seemed destined to run indefinitely, until the Good Friday Agreement, which was signed almost exactly 25 years ago. However, this […]

How are different European countries dealing with migrants?

I asked ChatGPT Reply: Different European countries have different approaches to dealing with illegal migrants. Here are some examples: Italy: Italy has taken a hardline approach to illegal migrants, with former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini famously declaring that Italy’s ports were closed to migrant boats. The Italian government has also worked to crack down on […]

Let me tell you about Mansplaining

Mansplaining Mansplaining is a term used to describe the act of a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending or patronizing manner, often assuming that she has little knowledge or understanding of the subject. The term is a combination of the words “man” and “explaining,” and it is commonly used in the context […]


Our Cause

We will fight for a world where everyone feels safe, valued, able to grow, and be inspired by their role and the organisation that they work for. And that starts with us…


Our Cause

We will fight for a world where everyone feels safe, valued, able to grow, and be inspired by their role and the organisation that they work for. And that starts with us…