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How are different European countries dealing with migrants?

I asked ChatGPT

Reply: Different European countries have different approaches to dealing with illegal migrants. Here are some examples:

Italy: Italy has taken a hardline approach to illegal migrants, with former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini famously declaring that Italy’s ports were closed to migrant boats. The Italian government has also worked to crack down on smugglers and has been working with other countries to try to stop migrants from crossing the Mediterranean.

France: France has taken a more moderate approach, with President Emmanuel Macron acknowledging the need to address the root causes of migration, such as poverty and conflict. However, France has also been criticised for its treatment of migrants, with some accusing the government of using excessive force against migrants trying to cross the border from Italy.

Germany: Germany has taken in a large number of refugees in recent years, including many who arrived illegally. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticized by some for her open-door policy towards refugees, but she has defended her stance as being in line with Germany’s values and international obligations.

Greece: Greece has been on the front lines of the migrant crisis, with many migrants arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey. The Greek government has been criticised for its treatment of migrants, including allegations of violence and abuse in detention centers.

Sweden: Sweden has been known for its relatively generous policies towards refugees and asylum seekers, but the government has become more strict in recent years in response to the influx of migrants. The government has also faced criticism for its handling of the situation, with some accusing it of not doing enough to integrate migrants into Swedish society.

Overall, the approaches taken by European countries towards illegal migrants vary widely, with some taking a hardline stance and others being more welcoming. However, the issue remains a highly contentious and politically charged one throughout Europe.

Because the UK has left the EU, ChatGPT does not conside it to be part of Europe. But their approach is that anyone arriving on boats from across the channel, has come from a safe country. Therefore, they want to send them back to France (will never happen), send them to Rwanda (will never happen) or stick them on a rusty boat, which has no engine and is currently moored off the coast of Italy.

This too, will not happen.




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