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Fade to grey

And slowly it disappears, day by day the covid nightmare starts to dissolve.

I don’t know about you, but I sort of feel that for the past two years I’ve been existing like a very small bit-part in someone else’s story. I’m not even sure whose.

As of today, in the UK, all restrictions have essentially been lifted, the key one being; if you test positive you no longer need to self-isolate for a week. 

The vulnerable are upset, saying that they might catch it from an infected person, a carrier, who knows they are infectious, but is out and about under the new relaxed ‘laws’.

Well, the vulnerable have always needed to be careful and can self-isolate if they want to. The world cannot stop just because of a few vulnerable citizens.

And as for people being carriers, as many people as possible have been vaccinated; those who haven’t, either can’t, or simply refuse, and so we either close society down forever or get on with it.

In reality, if someone feels sick, they should not go into work. In fact, going to work when you may have a virus is just rude.

The days of soldiering through are over.

But what happens if my company won’t pay me?

Tests will no longer be free, so in all likelihood, people will no longer take them (exceptions; NHS and care homes).

I won’t test myself because it’s not free anymore, but will any decent employer pay me for five days off? A good employer will do and the balance of power has subtly shifted. Put simply, a good employer will have to pay sickness leave to maintain staff.

The power axis of sickness and colds has shifted and we no longer need to put on a false voice when phoning in sick to the office.

This will continue for 9-12 months and will resolve into a steadyish equilibrium before we totally forget about the covid pandemic being a world-changing threat.

It was never really much of a threat but has been world-changing.

Boris had to be the first leader to scrap covid restrictions in order to save his political life.

The other leaders will have to do likewise to save theirs.

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