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Monthly Archives: December 2019

2020 vision

In my opinion, it all started to unravel in 2016. Donald Trump was voted president, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali died and we…

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A Christmas dichotomy

For many, this might be the first Christmas where the younger generations shame them for their traditional Christmas festivities. People are going to…

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Which is greener; cricket or F1?

Earlier this month, people thought the Melbourne Test, between Australia and New Zealand  might be unplayable because of the quality of the pitch.…

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The times are a changin (Part1)

All companies want to be seen to be doing good. They also work within a societal framework and that framework is shifting. In…

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You are just a cook

Knocking up a decent meal; anyone can do it. Ingredients, heat and timings, it’s easy really. But chefs are fetishised, they're everywhere, except…

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Vote Johnson, get Trump

‘Piccaninnies, watermelon smiles, letter-boxes and tank-topped bumboys’. A few phrases with uncertain hyphens, but all unmistakably from the pen or mouth of our…

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