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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Bald and heavily-tattooed

The high street is taking its last wheezy gasps as it is being kicked to death by the internet. Bournemouth has a relatively…

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Feathering their nests

Try to imagine Jeremy Corbyn in Tony Blair’s post-political role: flying around the world, enriching himself by striking deals with tyrants and oil…

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The internet has killed advertising

It was Gore Vidal who said: “Advertising is the only true art form left in the Twentieth Century.” It may have been true…

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Advertising is killing the internet

Andy Murray has a new range of tennis kits out and I thought I’d take a look to see how bad they were…

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Message from HR

Dear esteemed friends and allies; this is the final questionnaire of 2019. As I have explained, these have been innovated to replace our…

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Happy employees are good for business

A man arrives in Hell and the devil offers him two working environments to choose from. In one area workers are shovelling coal…

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