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Monthly Archives: October 2019

AI creep continues

Unilever says it is saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year replacing human recruiters with an artificial intelligence system. It has saved…

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More HR-related research

Old Etonians, you’ve got to love them. When people aren’t rolling their eyes at their incompetence and sense of entitlement, it turns out…

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Another memo from HR

Following our previous correspondence and subsequent company re-engineering and streamlining, it has come to our notice that some employees are still acting in…

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World menopause day

Channel 4 is launching its first menopause policy in an effort to normalise the “taboo” subject. The policy will support employees experiencing menopausal…

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Duped into extinction

Let’s stop calling this the Sixth Great Extinction. Let’s start calling it what it is: the “first great extermination”. A recent essay by…

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Memo from HR

Do you ever: Answer questions with the word ‘so’? Use the word ‘challenge’ in a work context? Listen to podcasts? Say 50 is…

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Don’t let them grind you down

Is this democracy’s death spiral? Are we, in this country and others, falling into a lethal cycle of fury and reaction, that blocks…

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