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Monthly Archives: July 2019

The landowning scandal

I have a friend who works almost every waking hour, mainly to pay the rent. Her landlord lives on a beach, 4,000 miles…

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Not worth the paper it’s printed on

A think-tank (a few mates in a pub?) has said that universities risk losing their credibility due to "rocketing" grade inflation. According to…

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Grunting at work

At Wimbledon, the umpire calls out “quiet, please”, and a respectful hush falls over the court. The only things that break the silence…

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Failing upwards

You have been very publicly sacked from your job and the mistakes you made have had dire consequences for society. When planning your…

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The new business models

In uncertain times, businesses are increasingly desperate for your money and different companies adopt different strategies, usually via technology, to part you from…

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Why you shouldn’t employ cold-blooded women

There they are, the women huddled in blankets, barely able to type through their gloves. The  men with sweat patches across their backs.…

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