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Monthly Archives: June 2019

When technologies collide

The perfect storm is on its way. A few days ago, I was waiting to cross the road in sunny Bournemouth. I was being quite careful as the two types of driver we have down here (boy racers and pensioners) are fairly uncoordinated and quite unlikely to stop to help once they have mowed you down. I felt, or maybe vaguely heard, a sort of thrum, like the quiet old-fashioned milk-float we used to get down here. But, no, it was an electric car, the size of a family estate, purring along rapidly, like a silent assassin. A few years ago we were told that electric cars would come with an app that would make the noise of a normal car engine, so pedestrians and cyclists would know when they were in imminent danger. But that turned out to bullshit.* People who buy electric cars don’t want their environmentally friendly motor to sound like it is a polluter, so they prefer to let the rest…

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The internet has killed advertising

Gore Vidal once said: “Advertising is the only true art form left in the Twentieth Century.” It may have been true once, but…

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Good news for slackers

A study, possibly not a particularly rigorous one, has found that, for peak mental health benefits, we should work just one day a…

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A rose by any other name

Chris Froome, the British-Kenyan cyclist, yesterday suffered a freak accident, leaving him in intensive care. He is one of many superstars working for…

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It’s never too late

75% of British workers in their 50s think they have hit a career ceiling. Retirement age is being postponed to the point where…

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The washing-up test

There have been some recent articles explaining the tricks some employers use to check the suitability of interviewees. Trent Innes, MD of Australian…

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Why work should fit around our naps

The Greek word, ‘acedia’, was used by medieval monks to describe the feeling of lethargy and lack of purpose that is common to…

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Elon Musk may be a dick, but he’s a clever dick

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is weird. He got into trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for falsely claiming that…

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