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Capitalism will eat itself

George Monbiot says that in order to save the planet we must destroy capitalism. Fair enough; but if I were Mr Monbiot I wouldn’t worry too much about capitalism; it is already self-imploding.

Go to the supermarket and robots have replaced humans, Amazon is replacing the high-street and the best jobs available for graduates are based on zero-hour contracts; meaning no safety net, no guarantees, but the government can massage the employment statistics. It has been running at all-time lowest rates since, well, forever.

Essentially, robots are replacing humans, unemployment is going to increase exponentially and retail/business interests are being consolidated, resulting in increased profits for the very, very few.

Amazon is trying to be the most efficient seller of all time; selling goods as cheaply and quickly as possible, utilising AI to employ as few humans as possible, whilst selling to as many people as possible.

The problem with this business plan is that the unemployed tend not to spend much money; nor do robots.

So who are Amazon and their ilk going to sell product to when they have rendered 40% of the population financially inactive?

So George, I think the new model of capitalism is eating itself fairly efficiently already. However, I’m afraid it is not helping the planet in any way at all.

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