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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Should the old bale out the young?

People over the age of 50 could be forced to pay over £300 more in national insurance each year in order to fund…

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Capitalism will eat itself

George Monbiot says that in order to save the planet we must destroy capitalism. Fair enough; but if I were Mr Monbiot I…

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Better Call Saul: workplace drama?

Do you watch Better Call Saul? It’s quite satisfying; to watch the current season (4), you log onto Netflix, click on ‘search’ and…

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Mental health

MPs have recently been taking a small break from the swirling plughole of Brexit to debate mental health first aid in parliament. Research…

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What did we learn about the gender pay gap this year?

Well, firstly, that an awful lot of firms with 250+ employees, didn't bother supplying their figures. And then that eight out of 10…

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The internet has killed advertising

Gore Vidal once said: “Advertising is the only true art form left in the Twentieth Century.” It may have been true once, but…

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AI: A snooper’s charter

Dozens of UK business owners are using artificial intelligence to scrutinise staff behaviour, minute-to-minute, by harvesting data on who emails whom and when,…

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Don’t bother giving feedback

In their book, Nine Lies About Work, Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall, make a startling claim, with implications far beyond the workplace: they…

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The destruction of Earth is a crime that should be prosecuted

Polly Higgins is a barrister who has devoted her life to creating an international crime of ecocide. This means serious damage to, or…

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