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Monthly Archives: March 2019

How to craft your CV: part 1

Landing your dream job requires a good CV. So how do you go about writing the best possible CV? In this article I…

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Open-plan offices, worst idea ever; official  

It is now official; open-plan offices are now the dumbest management fad of all time. A study from Harvard reveals that open-plan offices…

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Lacking in self-confidence?

Many employees don't feel qualified in their current roles, with the fear of being ‘found out’ impacting their wellbeing. A third of UK…

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Face up to it

Are you scared of having that ‘little chat’? It’s a familiar problem. You’re sitting at work when – *ping* – an email drops…

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Are you 16 or 70? Then you will never be happier  

  What is the secret to life? What Bridget Bardot said? That was a long time ago now and probably apocryphal. Who knows;…

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