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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Obesity; the barrier to success

People who are overweight are less likely to be hired, are lower paid, have fewer opportunities and are often bullied in the workplace.…

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Unhappy American workers

‘So what do you do then?’ Often it is the first question you’re asked when you meet someone new. In a capitalist society,…

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Expert advice from Uncle Jeff

American, Jeff Bezos, is founder and chief executive officer of Amazon.com and owner of 'The Washington Post.' His successful business ventures have made…

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We need experts more than ever

Experts have been having a tough time of it lately, with the likes of Michael Gove claiming ‘experts know nothing’ and extraordinary, unpredicted…

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Let’s ban all cars

We tell ourselves that we cherish efficiency. Yet we have created a transport system whose design principle is profligacy. Metal carriages (that increase…

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