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Want to be a CEO? Here’s how

If you are an ambitious executive whose dream is to become the CEO of a company, there are several ways you can achieve your goal. You could set up your own business and call yourself whatever you want (but let’s face it; CEO means boss), you could move up in your chosen industry, working for different firms, until someone thinks you are the best they can get, or you could follow a third route, like Peter Moore, who has been revealed as the new CEO of Liverpool Football Club, after holding the same role in disparate companies and industries.

He is essentially a gun for hire and the story of his career, winding up at at his dream job is fascinating and a potent lesson for us all.    

Moore is a 62-year-old Liverpool-born businessman, who will leave his current role as chief competition officer for gaming giant Electronic Arts in the US.

Moore studied at Keele University before doing a masters degree at California State University. After spells working for sportswear companies Patrick USA and Reebok in marketing, he moved into the gaming industry after taking on a role with Sega.

Moore, who was key to the initial success of the Dreamcast game console, rose up the ranks to become president and chief operations company of Sega of America.

He’s never shied away from making big decisions. He announced in 2001 that Sega would quit the hardware market amid tough competition from PlayStation and focus on developing games instead.

“I had to fire a lot of people. It was not a pleasant day,” he said.

In 2003 Microsoft secured Moore’s services as corporate vice-president of their interactive entertainment business division to help them boost Xbox’s market share and launch the Xbox 360. He drummed up publicity for the launch of the game Halo 2 by getting a supposedly permanent tattoo of the release date on his arm.

In 2007 he moved on to Electronic Arts to head up their sports division and another reshuffle saw him promoted to the role of chief operating officer. He’s been credited with the immense success of their FIFA video game series.

In December 2015 he was appointed as the chief competition officer for EA’s new competitive gaming division.

After a decade of service to EA he has decided to pursue a new challenge with Liverpool.

Moore may have lived in the States for over three decades but he was born in Liverpool and has always remained proud of his Merseyside roots. For a boyhood Reds fan, this is a dream job for him.

Speaking to the Telegraph back in 2009, he said: “I’m a Scouser by birth and football is my passion.

“My dad took me to Anfield when I was four, in 1959, and I’ve bled red ever since.

“I had the pleasure of getting involved with them when I was at Reebok, when we did the kit deal, which was a big thrill for me. But, yeah, I live and die Liverpool.”

When Moore made the move into the world of computer games, he knew nothing about them; he was seen as a good operator, a gun for hire who was happy being the face of a business, which is essentially the role of a CEO.

Andrew Wilson, Electronic Art’s CEO, wrote: “Passion is essential for all of us at Electronic Arts.It’s what gets us up in the morning and drives us to do extraordinary things. And if you’ve ever met Peter Moore, you know that he quite literally wears his passion for Liverpool FC on his sleeve. So it’s with great excitement that we congratulate Peter on following his dream to become the next CEO of his beloved Liverpool Football Club.

“I believe deeply in following our passions and dreams in life. Spend every moment doing something that you love. We’ve been fortunate to have Peter doing that with us here for almost a decade. We could not be happier to see him take the helm at Liverpool, and I personally could not be more honoured to call Peter a dear friend for life.

“Peter has built a fantastic team that is now running dozens of global tournaments and events with millions of players With more exciting expansion plans on the horizon, Peter will be working with the teams to drive a leadership transition before he returns to the UK this summer.”

Rather a gushing sendoff, but it does seem Peter Moore is the type of CEO to emulate, and who knows, one day, you too might get your dream job.

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