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Take as much time off as you like

Most UK employees receive around five months’ holiday a year, but there are rumours that some employers are including unlimited holiday leave in their employment packages.  

This practice is not uncommon in the huge tech-companies of Silicon Valley, but there are apparently some European companies following suit. And we’ve found them.

The basic premise is that the company will treat their employees as adults and trust them to manage their tasks and projects, structuring their time according to what needs to get done.

So who should you send your CV to in order to take advantage of these unlimited holidays?


Netflix is an entertainment company that streams media and video online and are currently hiring in London for social media managers.

Employees say: “Great company culture, challenging missions, autonomy and valuable feedback from your peers and management.”

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon is a global leader in consumer insights from social media data, also hiring in London, looking for customer coaches, onboarding specialists, implementation consultants, solutions consultants and customer success managers (makes them sound like purveyors of corporate torture).

Employee feedback is: “Management is willing to take some risks and just announced an unlimited vacation policy. There is opportunity to grow, and not just in your department. Quite a few people are moving or working on moving to other parts of the organisation.”


The social media network that connects the world’s professionals.

Also hiring in London, they are looking for senior marketing managers, enterprise sales managers and internal communications managers.

An employee says: “The culture is a solid representation of what they believe important. Diversity, integrity and respect whilst continuously being pushed to take responsibility and ownership.”


Visualsoft is one of the UK’s leading digital agencies specialising in the production of eCommerce websites and are hiring in Teeside and Manchester. They are looking for brand directors, client services director and SEO strategist.

One employee says: “What can I say amazing working environment, so transparent such a pleasure to get up and go to work on a morning free breakfast free protein free gym free bar these guys have it spot on and with flexi-time and unlimited holidays the work-life balance is outstanding.”


Rethinking car parking for the digital age, it uses technology and data to unlock underused spaces in car parks, hotels, pubs, churches and even private driveways.

Hiring in London, they want an android developer.

Employee quote: “Incredible team full of super smart people. Good work-life balance; strong work ethic whilst going on cracking holidays also encouraged.”


Affectv is a UK-based technology company that develops solutions to make internet advertising more relevant for browsers; in London, they are looking for a project manager and a front-end engineer.

“Having worked at Affectv for a few years now I can say it has been a tremendous experience for personal growth & development. As a candidate if you’re looking for serious challenges in a rapidly evolving ecosystem, Affectv will be able to give you opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and discover new ones.”

Other companies, ostensibly offering unlimited holidays are: Songkick, HubSpot, Eventbrite and CAKE (nothing to do with TGBBO or drugs).

So, one of these companies might be the one for you, offering a glittering, well-remunerated career in the new digital economy and with the added bonus of unlimited vacation time.

Is there possibly a catch? Bound to be; there is no such thing as a free lunch and I strongly suspect that the first time you get up from your hot-desk to talk to HR about your holiday request, to take three months out to home-teach your kids, while travelling the world at the employer’s expense, you will be greeted with something along the lines of: “Have you finalised the designs for that self-drive car yet?”  

And, if not, back to your desk till the next bank holiday.  

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