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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Be the worst boss you possibly can

It is well worth learning the tricks of the trade if you want to stay at the top of your chosen field. Whether…

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AI in recruitment? Ok but let’s not get carried away.

Reading a recent piece in the FT "Wall St turns to machines to find better-behaved bankers” I felt conflicted. The article focuses on…

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The Business of (Olympic) Sport

By any measure, the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio have been an astonishing success. Following on from the dizzy heights of the 2012…

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A tale of corporate liturgy

Do you think the words vision, mission, positioning, brand, merger, acquisition, trust, start up and spin off indicate modern issues? Just try to…

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Bring on the three-day week (and quickly)

We have written before about the upcoming threat of AI on traditional workers (https://executivesurf.com/2016/01/2016-the-year-of-ai/). Back in the 70s we were told by futurologists…

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