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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Does your office match up?

As over 100 French gendarmes swarm over Google’s French headquarters in Paris, looking for their mislaid tax billions, it seems like a good…

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Brexit: In praise of immigration

Brexit: In praise of immigration from a talent perspective. I’ve worked for around 30 years in recruitment. I’ve lived and worked in several…

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What not to say when you are fired

  It happens to all of us at some stage; actually it doesn’t, but the likelihood of being fired are continually increasing as…

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RIP Headhunters? Hold the Kleenex..

“We’re trying to be the Uber of recruitment”. You’ve probably heard that one if you’re an observer at the thinking end of recruitment and if you’ve been to any sort of networking event and you haven’t been in a medically induced coma for the past year. And if you were in a coma, just before the lights went out, you probably heard someone claiming to be the AirBnB of recruitment. We’ve been chewing over this one for the past ten years at ExecutiveSurf. OK so AirBnB or Uber were still in training pants ten years ago, but we’ve been grappling with the idea of how to take executive search - the label headhunters give themselves - and bring in into the digital age using the wealth of channels now available, not to mention the new ones that crop up daily. I worked in an internet incubator (remember those?) a few years ago and we trawled through hundreds of business plans. My job was more focussed…

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How to save £20, but lose £100,000

The simple way to lose out on £100,00, by saving £20, is quite simple: by not betting on Leicester City to win the…

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How to make a killer presentation

I once asked someone who was widely regarded as the best presenter in the advertising industry for some tips. I always remember what…

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