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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Why interviews are a waste of time

Statistics may sound like a dry subject, but many judgments and decisions in everyday life would be improved by an application of statistical…

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Don’t bother overfunctioning

Whenever someone claims there are “two kinds of people in the world” – extroverts and introverts, realists and idealists, optimists and pessimists –…

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What has happened to Amazon?

Amazon used to sell books; I recently went on it to buy the latest John Irving novel and I could only find it…

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Acceptable ways to take a day off work

A study of employers and employees shows vomiting and diarrhoea get far more sympathy than depression. Feeling stressed or depressed seems to earn far less sympathy than physical illness for days off work. We all know that feeling: you’ve woken up on a Monday morning with an unbearable cold or splitting headache, and the thought of a day in the office is too much to bear. Time to email the boss and explain why you won’t be coming in today. “There seems to be a clear lack of understanding from some employers in terms of employee well-being,” she said. “There is a strong commercial case for having a healthy and engaged workforce, yet employers are evidently ignoring the impact of an employee’s physical and mental well-being on productivity, absenteeism and length of service.” A few highlights of the study: British workers are taking more sick days - but that's a good thing. EU officials take three times number of sick days as British workers. Record…

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Stop being on call

It wasn’t too surprising to learn from two recent psychology studies that being “on call” is stressful, exhausting and dampens your mood. The…

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