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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How much should you drink?

An elderly relative of mine who finds himself occasionally forgetting things, was persuaded by his concerned daughter, a nurse, to visit his doctor…

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The law of unintended consequences

SINCE 2000 London has seen around 40 strikes on the Underground. The chaos which accompanies them is a short-term drag on the capital’s economy. The Federation of Small Businesses, an industry body, estimated that the one-day strike in July cost London £300m ($462m). But a new paper, by researchers at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, points to the long-term benefits of tube strikes. The focus of the paper is Londoners’ commuting patterns, before and after industrial action takes place. It looks at a two-day strike in February 2014, which the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers called in response to plans to close ticket offices and make voluntary redundancies. In that strike, some union members continued to work: the effect was that 171 out of 270 tube stations closed for the day. Some commuters were not much affected by the strike, while others were less lucky. The authors compare the behaviour of those hit by the strike to those that were not.…

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How to be rubbish at work

Nobody likes to think they are “that person” at work, but bad behaviour at work is rife – and often done without thinking.…

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The changing face of security

Until recently, for most businesses security was a question of buying decent locks, doors and windows, installing CCTV, making sure that reception staff…

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Nothing wrong with being gullible

One serious contender for the title of History’s Most Gullible Person is a man from New York who is suing a psychic on…

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