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Agosto 2010

30/08/2010 - Emanuele Marzi è il nuovo direttore commerciale Italia della divisione Hoover piccoli elettrodomestici di Candy. 29/08/2010 - Vincenzo Giannelli è il nuovo chief financial officer di Safilo. Giannelli, 45 anni, proviene da Fiat Auto dove ricopriva lo stesso ruolo. 27/08/2010 - Grandi Navi Veloci ha nominato Roberto Martinoli amministratore delegato; proviene da Norwegian Cruise Line dove era direttore generale. In passato, oltre ad aver lavorato in Carnival Cruise Lines e in Costa Crociere, Martinoli è stato advisor di Apollo Management. 26/08/2010 - Giancarlo Vergori è stato nominato direttore generale di Matrix, società di Telecom Italia. Vergori, 47 anni, è entrato in Matrix nel 2004 come responsabile sales e, nel dicembre dello stesso anno, è stato nominato responsabile Virgilio e advertising. 24/08/2010 - Giovanni Castellaneta è stato nominato amministratore indipendente di Torre SGR; attualmente è presidente di Sace. 23/08/2010 - Unicredit ha nominato Federico Ghizzoni nuovo deputy chief executive officer e vice direttore generale. Ghizzoni, 54 anni, lavora in Unicredit da 30 anni dove…

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Europe’s best workplaces: Where to work and why

In May 2010, Great Place to Work, published its 10th anniversary edition of the best workplaces in Europe. In the past decade, The Best Workplaces Programme has recognised over 4,000 businesses in Europe, across 17 markets, measuring workplace climates and assessing what factors create great employment cultures. Tom O’Byrne, ceo of the UK Great Place to Work Institute, says: “A key element of our mission is to create role model workplaces.” He says what makes the leading businesses winners, is what they do on a daily basis to earn and sustain the trust and respect of their people. Unemployment seems to be on a downward trend and, with the slight return of economic confidence, companies have to face the pre-recessionary challenge of retaining staff. Those firms that went out of their way to look after their staff, who maintained, rather than eroded trust, appear on the Best Workplace latest lists. Linda Bellis is HR director at law firm, Wragge & Co, one of two companies…

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How to hire & fire the right people

Employing someone is not always easy; it can be a time-consuming and nerve-shredding experience. Ideally, you will find the perfect person for the job, who will fit seamlessly into your organisation and hit the ground running, helping everything run more smoothly and efficiently immediately. Unfortunately, it is equally likely that your new recruit will not fit in and you will have to deal with the fallout of a bad hiring for months to come, including finding a replacement for your previous choice. For a manager, hiring someone can feel like a judgement on his wisdom and capabilities. Experts believe that if you construct and stick to a disciplined process, you can increase the chances of making the hiring a positive experience. Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, senior advisor at Egon Zehnder International and author of the book ‘The Definitive Guide to Recruiting in Good Times and Bad’, says hiring decisions are pressure-filled for a reason. “It is crucial to get hiring right, not only for the hiring entity,…

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When the slick hits the fan: What we can learn from BP’s mistakes

We have all made mistakes at work, occasional slip-ups are unavoidable, but no-one wants to be responsible for them. Mistakes, even big ones, do not have to leave a permanent mark on your career. Looked at positively, mistakes can contribute to an organisation’s or individual’s learning; they are an essential component of experimentation and innovation. It is possible to recover gracefully and use the experience to learn and grow. BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been an environmental, financial and personal disaster. President Obama has compared the 40,000 barrels of crude oil gushing daily into the Gulf, to 9/11, and by insisting on calling the company British Petroleum, he is completely disassociating the disaster from America, its deep-sea drilling policies and the US companies also involved. The daily pictures from the Gulf meant BP could not talk down the rig disaster and the damning evidence of cost cutting, but the company’s leaders continued as before. CEO, Tony Hayward, said he wanted to…

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Colleagues at war: How to stop internecine warfare in the office.

If you are a team leader, it is sometimes tempting to withdraw to the sanctity of your own office and drive the whole company’s sorry business forward on your own, sticking your fingers in your ears as you watch the sales team rips lumps out of accounts. There are bound to be disagreements in any team endeavour, but it is your duty as a leader of men, no less, to bang heads together and turn a dysfunctional team into one that can work productively and in harmony. But how? Jeanne Brett is the impressively titled DeWitt W. Buchanan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations at Kellog Graduate School of Management and co-authored Getting Disputes Resolved. She must know what she is talking about and says that understanding why teams fight, how and when to get involved and how to prevent fights is a critical skill for all team leaders. “Conflict is part of working on a team and while it’s often uncomfortable, it…

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