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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Tipping point: Unacceptable service charges

What links Rupert Murdoch, Willie Walsh and a French waiter? The obvious answer is that they all want to be paid for bad service, but in fact, their businesses have all reached a certain tipping point. Last week, it was announced that many UK restaurants will no longer add a service charge to their bills, because a change of law means they can no longer keep it, but must give it to their staff. They are also no longer allowed to use gratuities or tips to top employees’ wages up to the minimum level. This has resulted in a bit of a debate about tipping. Last year, I stayed at a hotel in Turkey. I travelled thousands of miles, hauled my luggage across London on the underground, through two airports and then onto a bus, which took us to the hotel. The minute I was in reception, someone in a uniform tried to wrestle it off me. I refused the offer of help; I’d got…

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Bussola dei manager: Due giorni di incontri con recruiters e coach alla ricerca di nuove opportunità.

Venerdi 23 e sabato 24 prossimi in occasione del Job Fair di Firenze, il network FdR ha organizzato la Prima Bussola dei Manager. Due giorni serrati in cui 100 persone (quadri e dirigenti) selezionate fra gli oltre 300 CV pervenuti, incontreranno quattro recruiters al fine di aumentare le proprie opportunità lavorative, un coach al fine di riposizionare il proprio approccio e le proprie modalità di presentazione e, per coloro che hanno difficoltà in azienda e sono pronti all’uscita, ci sarà l’incontro con un consulente di outplacement. L'incontro è patrocinato da: Provincia di Firenze, AIDP (associazione dei direttori del personale), ADACI (Associazione di Management degli Approvvigionamenti), Lega Cooperative Toscane, Irecoop, FederManager Toscana ed Emilia. Venerdi 23 e sabato 24 prossimi in occasione del Job Fair di Firenze, il network FdR ha organizzato la Prima Bussola dei Manager. Due giorni serrati in cui 100 persone (Quadri e Diriegenti) selezionate fra gli oltre 300 CV pervenuti, incontreranno 4 recruiters al fine di aumentare le proprie opportunità lavorative, 1…

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I migliori lavori del mondo

C'è una nuova tendenza nel recruitment. Combina la popolarità dei reality con i tradizionali colloqui di lavoro alla ricerca di un vincitore (il neoassunto). C'è competizione, divertimento e un fortunato con un nuovo lavoro. Il programma "L'Apprendista" è naturalmente il capofila, ma ogni tendenza esplorata da Alan Sugar, miliardario e pioniere, merita di essere guardata con sospetto. L'Apprendista è alla sesta stagione in Europa ed è esportato in tutta Europa, diventando uno dei format più famosi, ed imitati, di tutti i tempi. La BBC ha recentemente trasmesso il programma The Best Job in the World. Tutto ruota attorno ad un annuncio di lavoro: passare sei mesi in un'isola deserta della barriera corallina per un salario di 70.000 sterline. L'annuncio, pubblicato a gennaio, ha ricevuto 34.000 risposte. 50 candidati finalisti sono stati intervistati in Australia, il tutto ripreso e mandato in onda dalla BBC. Per la noiosissima Holly, una delle candidate, sarebbe stata un'esperienza di quelle che cambia la vita. Avrebbe passato il tempo a scrivere.…

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Dude, where’s my oyster? (Part II)

Prior to the current financial meltdown, many of us felt that the world was our oyster, in terms of career development strategy. Here, Walt Hawtin, looks at a very fertile area of career prospecting; former colleagues, bosses and business partners. In part I, we looked at a number of entry-level strategies and tactics to improve career prospects, such as preparing the two-page snapshot CV and registering with quality career-related business site,s such as ExecutiveSurf and LinkedIn. Now let’s move to a more complex series of strategies that will require quite a degree of thought and discipline. Building Career-defining Relationships This can be the most challenging of strategies to enhance yourcareer prospects. Most high-performers, ironically, are poor at communicating their achievements effectively. Many of us hold on to the old-fashioned notion that if we are good enough, we will eventually be recognised and selected for greater responsibilities. Fifty years ago, this was probably the case, because everyone within each discrete industry knew of each other and…

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Is Angela Merkel the most powerful woman on earth?

To celebrate ExecutiveSurf’s expansion into Germany, we decided to offer you a crib sheet on the EU’s most populous country and #1 economy. If you were to ask most people, who is the most powerful woman in the world, I suspect Michelle Obama would be the highest placed. But her position is purely symbolic and anything she says and does will reflect on the president. So she will keep her arms toned, bring up the kids and grow organic produce. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, has real clout; what she says goes; well at least as much as any other global leader. Merkel has been chancellor of Germany for the last four years and Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy and biggest exporter of goods. She is important on a global scale, but tends to keep her head down. In 2008, the Economist wrote an article saying it would be good for Germany and the world, if she had a higher profile. In…

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