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Profile: Edyta Katarzyna Noworyta

Project manager for one of Spain’s leading renewable energy consultancies, Polish Girl Edyta, has lived in Spain for 20 years.

Hi Edyta, what do you do?

I am a technical adviser for solar and wind energy at Barlovento. We check the projects, contracts, the execution and performance of solar and wind farms, from a technical point of view.

How did you get into the area of renewables?

I found an interesting job offer and it was a great opportunity to get started in the area of renewables.

What projects have you been involved with and which are you most proud of?

Currently, I am involved only in solar energy projects. I verify the reliability of two parks (4MW).

I would say, to date, my most important success was to detect and solve design problem on the Solar Park.

Can you tell me about Barlovento?

Barlovento started in 1998 and now has 45 employees, most of them engineers. We supply all the technical and consultancy services needed throughout the life-span of the installation; from the initial idea to the dismantling.

What is the Spanish government’s policy on renewables?

In my opinion, the Spanish government has not got a hugely friendly attitude towards solar energy. Thank God the policy on wind energy hasn’t changed.

What countries are pursuing the best green policies?

Germany and Denmark.

Where will the jobs in the green sector be?

Poland, Turkey and Italy.

Who will be qualified to work in this area and how will they be trained, bearing in mind it is a new sector?

To work in this area it is indispensable that you have an excellent capacity to learn. The only way to train is through work and experience.

How do you see the future?

Good. We know that oil and gas will finish in the future…

What green things do you do?

I recycle and try not use the car.

As a Pole living in Spain, how do you think the two countries are equipped to cope with the current recession? Where do you consider home?

Poland will recover from the recession earlier than Spain. In my opinion, the Spanish government is not doing anything to grow the economy and, even worse, lies to its people. In Spain the recession will be harder than Poland.

My home is here, with my family. The country is not important.

Any hobbies? How do you relax?

I travel. I go to the gym to relax or I play padel (a violent form of tennis/squash).

What is your favourite film?

La Vita è Bella, by Roberto Benigni.

Do you have any vices?

I like good dinners with a good wine.

Anything you’d like to add?

The Polish government has a great opportunity to create a future for lots of its people and I hope it takes advantage of this situation.


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