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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Management Speak

Compare these comments: “We are going to stick to our knitting and go for the low hanging fruit. Frankly, its not a level playing field out there, so when we do kick some goals, at the end of the day, our audience ought to compare apples and apples.” “Our new focus will be to work to our strengths, allowing us to quickly identify and achieve on a primary goal. We all accept that it is a very competitive and fast-moving market, so if we are successful, we hope that our market will compare our superior performance against similar companies, rather than against companies that differ markedly from us.” The first quote is a mix of recreational activity and fruit, while the second is a potentially potent soporific. They say the same thing, but which is the more effective? It depends on the audience! The media and employees may well respond to the first quote, while market analysts and stockbrokers may respond to the second. So…

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