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Monthly Archives: August 2008

A Career Made in China?

There are a number of controversial opinions about Asia as an effective place to develop your career. Everything from the belief that Asia represents a license to print money for salaried expatriates, to the fear of never being able to return to a meaningful role back home. While there is a modicum of truth in both opinions, the full story is a little more complex. So what does Asia offer Australian executives? Actually, it may be more logical to first ask “What does a capable young Australian executive offer Asia?” The most effective way for us to position ourselves career-wise is to do the same as we do with our company’s products and services. That is, discover our customers needs, and adapt our offering to suit those needs. So, what do we Australians offer Asia businesses? What do we have that local managers and executives may lack, creating the actual need for our experiences and skills? Certainly in the multinational corporate community across Asia, highly…

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