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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Paolo Cocco: dalle vendite alla direzione

Due sono le costanti nella vita professionale di Paolo Cocco, 44 anni, oggi country manager per l’Italia di Enterasys Networks: le multinazionali americane, di cui sposa al 100% la mentalità pratica e l’orientamento ai numeri e ai risultati, e un innato spirito commerciale. E’ in Bull dal 1989 al 1993 come area manager per la divisione industria e in seguito in Elsag Bailey come sales manager per il Nord Italia. Nel 1996 entra in AT&T per poi passare subito in Lucent Technologies, dove l’ultima posizione che ha occupato è stata di business partner sales director del mercato italiano. <b>Il suo arrivo in AT&T nel 1996 come direttore vendite per l’Italia della Private Network System Division coincide con lo spin off del ramo d’azienda in Lucent? </b> In effetti sì, è accaduto pochi mesi dopo il mio arrivo. Fin da subito è stato chiaro che la divisione della Private Network era destinata a rimanere nella parte prodotti e sistemi, e quindi sotto l’egida di Lucent. <b>Successivamente…

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Ottobre 2006

31/10/2006 - Lucia Morselli lascia le cariche di consigliere, amministratore delegato e direttore generale di Roncadin (vedi al 23 ottobre); le deleghe per l'operatività corrente passano al presidente Dante Di Dario. 30/10/2006 - Federico Laschet è il nuovo direttore servizi corporate di Socotherm. Laureato in ingegneria meccanica all’università del Michigan, Laschet è stato responsabile marketing in Nordson, poi è passato a Torino, dove era sales manager and responsabile marketing di Fidia. Infine, dopo altre esperienze e prima di entrare nel gruppo, è stato managing director di Coopbox. 30/10/2006 - Il CdA di Vitrociset ha nominato Lorenzo D'Onghia nuovo direttore generale, prende il posto di Antonio Iozzino, nominato amministratore unico di Vitrociset Sistemi. D’Onghia, nato a Taranto nel 1951 e laureato in ingegneria elettronica, è entrato nell’azienda nel 1988 come responsabile del marketing della divisione informatica. Nel 1995 passa vice direttore della divisione informatica fino al 1998 quando ne assume la direzione e, contemporaneamente, diventa vice direttore commerciale. Dal 2002 al 2003 è executive VP responsabile…

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Do You Have This Key Element in Your CV?

Most books on resume writing are terribly out-of-date. Although well intentioned and filled with other good information, most have not been updated for the job search realities of today. Surprisingly, few career books will even mention what our guest writer Joseph Turner is about to tell you today. While most recruitment will be handled by specialist headhunting firms, your CV will be seen by many eyes, including electronic. The computer will "score" it by the number of keywords (also known as "buzzwords") the client will find most relevant. If you don’t account for this, your CV will stay locked in some database, probably never to be seen by anyone while you sit waiting by the phone for the call that never comes. Put a "Keyword Competencies" section in your CV . The solution for the electronic gatekeeper is to include a special section called "Keyword Competencies". This is, quite frankly, just a catch-all bin that you want to use to ensure that every relevant keyword…

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Eight Steps On How to Get Hired: Nowadays getting hired is very difficult. It is more than just passing a resume, applying and forever hoping to get hired. Well it is time to stop hoping and start really getting hired writes Mark Louie Tobias.

Here are the steps on how to get pass job searching and start working. Self Analysis To start job searching you must first analyse yourself on what you want to be. You can be a Bum, an Entrepreneur, a Young Professional, or a Student Seeking Higher Studies. If you choose to be a Bum, Entrepreneur or a Student then you should stop reading this article and continue to pursue the career path that you chose. However, if you choose to become a Young Professional continue reading because all the information you need to get hired is in this article. Preparation Why do we need to prepare before job searching? Because Companies/Employers are very selective and among the numerous number of applicants they have they will choose the most deserving and who will make their company more productive. They are not looking to teach you, they are looking to get instant results from you. The other reason is competition, if you had an experience in working…

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Why do we need to invest?: It is vitally important in this current day and age for all of us to begin taking control of our financial situation and start planning for our future, and the futures of our children. Finance expert Debra Lohrere explores this most important of issues.

We can no longer rely on the government to hand out an aged pension once we retire. We cannot take for granted that at the end of our working life we will be taken care of financially. The world population is ageing, due to the baby boomer generation, and within 30 years there will be so many retired people, compared to the number of working age people, that it will be economically impossible for the government to afford to provide any reasonable source of monetary assistance for the elderly. The US government has realised this, and that is why they introduced the compulsory employer paid pension scheme and are even now beginning to give financial incentives to Self-Funded retirees. Most of us have never sat down and even considered the ramifications of why the compulsory pension was introduced and for many of us it is a matter of too little too late. Even for the young women in our society who have a full working…

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